Time line Southern Shaolin Hung Gar

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Tang Dynasty (618-907)

The Southern Shaolin Monastery was set up on the Dongyre Hill, at the foot of Qingyuan, Mountain in Quanzhou,
Fujian, by the monk Zhikong of the Songshan Shaolin Monastery, Henan. It was first known by the name Zhenguo
East Chan Shaolin Monastery. It has been restored and is now named Quanzhou Shaolin Monastery

Ching Dynasty (1644 – 1912)


The resistance against the Ching Dynasty and the authorities had spread widely in Fujian. The uprising in Putian County even lasten longer.

arround 1728

The Ching Govemment outlaws the practice of martial arts.

1732 (11th year of Emperor Yung Cheng)

Hung Hei Gwoon bom in Fa City (Huaxian), Guangdong. Some sources say the city Chuenjao, Fujian

1768 (32nd year of Emperor Chien Lung)

The Southem Shaolin Temple is destroyed by the Ching imperial army. Abbot Gee Sin Sim Si, Hung Hei Gwoon
and Luk Ah Choy escaped the destruction and massacre.

Arround 1805

Luk Ah Choy adopts as his student Wong Kei Ying, father of Wong Fei Hung.

Arround 1813

The Ching Goverment lift the ban on martial arts. Hung Hei Gwoon opens a Kung Fu school in Fa City and names
his art Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Family Fist), mainly to hide its Shaolin connections from the Manchus

Arround 1815

Luk Ah Choy passed away in his home, known as Leshan Lodge at age 68.
Leung Kwan (Tid Kiu Sam) was born in Nanhai County, Guangdong.

Arround 1825

According to legend Hung Hei Gwoon passed away at the age of 93.

Arround 1847

Wong Fei Hung was born in the village Xiqiao, Nanhai County,Guangdong

1851 – 1865

Tai Ping Uprising


Lam Sai Wing was born in Pingchow, a small village in Nanhai County, Guangdong

arround 1887

Tid Kiu Sam passed away.


Chiu Kao was born in Sunwui, Samkong County, Guangdong

1899 – 1900

Boxer Rebellion


Shiu Ying was born in the village Sanhui, Guangdong

Republic of China

1912- 1949


Sun Yat Sen honours Lam Sai Wing with a medal for his deeds and efforts for helping those in need.

arround 1924

Wong Fei Hung passed away at age 77


Chiu Chi Wai, son of Chiu Kau and Shiu Ying, bom


Lam Sai Wing passed away in Hongkong at the
age of 83. Chiu Chi Ling, son of Chiu Kau and Shiu ying, born in Hongkong


Lam Sai Wing’s students publish 3 books on Hung Gar with drawings after original pictures of Lam Sai Wing
Gung Gee Fuk Foo Kuen, Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen and Tid Sin Kuen.

People’s Republic of China

1949 – present


Mok Kwei Lan, last wife of Wong Fei Hung, passed away. She was adept in Mok Gar and Hung Gar


Chiu Kau passed away in Hongkong at the age of 100

Line of succesions

Abbot Gee Sin Sim Si

Luk Ah Choy

Wong Kei Ying

Wong Fei Hung

Lam Sai Wing

Chiu Kao & Shiu Ying

Chiu Chi Wai & Chiu Chi Ling